Leaf Cleaning 101

There are numerous tasks that you have to do around your home every day. Among the most basic chores are mowing your lawn, washing your driveway and cleaning your garage. Cleaning these areas comes automatically because the dirt and debris here are easily visible.

While taking care of the most obvious areas, remember to clean the less visible surfaces – your roof and gutters. As your roof and gutters cover a wide area of your home, they deserve just as much attention as the surfaces on the ground.

Well-functioning gutters are so important to avoid potential water damage. These fittings should properly divert water off the roof to avoid damage to your roof and home.

Importance of proper cleaning

You may not be aware of the amount of debris and leafs on your roof. This dirt blocks gutters and prevents rainwater from flowing efficiently off the roof and down the drain.

When the leaves start decomposing, they can easily cause corrosion on steel or iron gutter. In time, the gutters will be ruined and disfigured. Before you know it, you will have to replace the entire gutter altogether.

Get ready to clean your roof

You cannot prevent leaves from flying onto your roof. However, cleaning it regularly prevents damage and preserves your installation for a long time. If you live in an area that experiences many storms, have your gutters and roof cleaned after each storm.

Having understood the importance of cleaning leaves from your roof, learn how to do it efficiently. Observe several safety precautions before you dive in.

Get your step ladder ready for the task. Check its firmness every time you set it up for roof cleaning. Anchor the ladder safely on the wall to ensure it does not sway or slip. Note that wet leaves or debris can be slippery and dangerous to step on.

Wear sturdy shoes with non-slip soles. Ensure that the rungs of the step ladder are not covered with debris before you climb. If your home is taller than a single story, do not attempt climbing. It is far much better to hire a professional roof cleaner.

Clean your gutter and roof safely and effectively

While standing on the ladder, use a leaf blower to remove leaves on the gutter and the roof area closest to the edge. This clears your way so you can climb on the roof without stepping on soggy debris. It is easier to start at the lowest point of the gutter drain and then work upwards.

Bring a gutter scoop to clean damp and decomposing debris. Next, climb onto the roof so you can see what you are working on as you clean the leaves in earnest. Consider blasting pressurized water from a hose to clear stubborn debris. Note that the water can make the surface slippery and easy for you to slip and fall.

Working with a leaf blower can have its share of challenges. For example, operating a high-powered blower involves high vibration which can cause numbness or an uncomfortable tingle in the fingers. Prevent this problem by wearing strong leather gloves.

Are you using a loud leaf blower to clean your roof and gutters? Consider wearing ear protection such as earmuffs. Machines that produce noise of more than 75 decibels can cause considerable loss of hearing, especially with repeated use.

Hiring a professional roof cleaner

Do you lack the skill or confidence to climb on the roof? Hire the services of a professional. A roof cleaner will come armed with the right tools and equipment for the job. These include a step ladder, leaf blower, gutter scoop, and a plumber’s snake, among others.

These tools come in handy when cleaning the most problematic drainpipes and stubborn dirt off your roof. While tools are an advantage, the roof cleaner’s experience cannot be overemphasized. These people do these tasks on a daily level. Take advantage of their expertise.

A professional can assess your home and determine measures to prevent the buildup of too much debris on your roof and gutter. They should be able to trim tree branches that are too close to your house. In addition, they can train climbing plants to grow on the fence and off the roof.


Whether you choose to do the job yourself or hire a professional, pursue roof and gutter cleaning on a regular basis. Note that soil particles and dust from the air will settle on your roof and cause all sorts of trouble; you should get rid of them regularly.

Cleaning your gutter and roof will save these installations from damage. Proper cleaning prevents the need for costly repairs and maintenance. In the end, you will preserve the good value of your home for years to come.