Meet the Brunette Home Improvement Team...

Mark Brunette

Founder/Chairman. President.

Mark Brunette is a project management executive and leader with over 35 years of residential and commercial construction experience.  As Founder and Chairman of Brunette Home Improvement, his number-one priority is “You!” He isn’t just building and remodeling homes; he’s building a lifetime of satisfied customers. And when he’s not wearing any of the aforementioned hats, he can be seen wearing a fishing hat and carrying a fishing pole, alongside his grandchildren.

John Brunette

Vice President. Sales & Operations Manager.

As Sales Manager, John Brunette leads a dynamic team of professional project managers. As Project Director, he brings years of working alongside his father at Brunette Home Improvement, a vital part of their growing enterprise founded on customer satisfaction, recommendations, and referrals. John enjoys working, and when he isn’t working, he plays fiddle with The Anchor Watch.

Janette Brunette

CFO. Co-Owner.

As CFO & Co-Owner of Brunette Home Improvement, Janette has a keen sense of financial knowledge and a strong understanding of construction, contracts, and real estate markets. As a real estate professional, her leadership credentials bridge integrity into a dual marketplace with a broad scope of formative design, dollars, and sense details.  When she’s not crunching numbers, she’s spending weekends hosting Grandma-camp for her grandchildren.

Carolyn McElroy

Bookkeeper. Administrative Support.

As a pastor’s wife, Carolyn has worked in a variety of business office settings, including church and law. She began her career in education, and yet her self-proclaimed techie love ruled. When Carolyn isn’t crunching financial numbers for Brunette Home Improvement, she’s exploring new travel adventures with her husband, children, and grandchildren.

Susie Mead

Office Assistant.

Susie puts her organizational and management skills to work every day here at Brunette Home Improvement. Whether she's answering your call or organizing the schedule, she is always ready to make your experience a pleasant one. 

Sean Cullen

Project Manager/ Service Manager

Born and raised in Ohio, Sean Cullen came to Michigan as a roofing and construction specialist in 1998. A skilled professional, he eventually joined the Brunette Home Improvement team to lead as a Project Manager with expertise and proficiency. An avid golfer, Sean enjoys participating in outings with a purpose, such as the Greater Lansing Home Builder’s Association’s annual outing.

Dan Frendt

Project Manager

With years of working in the construction restoration industry, Dan brings knowledge and experience to the table when managing each project. He will see your project through from start to finish and make sure you are satisfied every step of the way. In his downtime, Dan likes to be outdoors hunting and fishing.

Rhett Kalat

Project Coordinator

As one of the newest members of the team, Rhett is here to make sure that all the moving parts of your project are ready to go long before it starts. From scheduling material deliveries all the way through to the final inspection, Rhett is the go-to guy for it all.

John Elieff

Sales Consultant.

With 25 years of commercial and residential construction project management experience, John Elieff is a talented Sales Consultant and proud to be part of the Brunette Home Improvement team of professionals. In his downtime, John likes being in the great outdoors with his wife and kids. Whether down-hill skiing, golfing, or hiking in the mountains, their fitness is “best together.”