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When you want practical value, improvement that speaks with an exceptional voice, our best advice is, “Look up.” Your roof is more than your home’s upper defense; it’s a top-hat design feature that upgrades your property’s attraction. Curb appeal is your home’s first impression and an excellent roof is your lasting investment into the value of your property. Your roofing investment begins with Brunette Home Improvement and continues with Brunette Home Improvement; this spending decision has never been more important.

CertainTeed - Landmark - Driftwood

CertainTeed - Landmark - Driftwood

How do I choose a roof?

With all of the different products on the market, along with many contractors pushing the various options, how do you know which roof is the right one for you? Our team of certified experts are trained to help pair you with the right roofing materials to fit your homes needs. Our approach to roofing is a more than just installing new shingles, we analyze your entire roofing system to make sure it's built to last for years to come. This includes everything from insulation and ventilation to underlayments and the shingles themselves. Our detailed inspection will give you all of the information you will need to be confident that you are getting the perfect roof for your home.

Do You Need emergency Roof Repairs in lansing?

Here at Brunette Home Improvement remodeling, we know what it is like to see your home damaged by snow, storm, or fire. You are feeling lost and desperate. You are not alone. If you are having an emergency, you are our team’s no. 1 priority.
No one should lose access to their loving home and we will make sure that, if this happens to you, your distress doesn’t last.
Call our Brunette Home Improvement remodeling team for your free consultation today.

CertainTeed - Landmark Pro - Weathered Wood

CertainTeed - Landmark Pro - Weathered Wood

Roofing Credentials

- Tenured Select Master Shingle Applicator

- 5 Star contractor

- Preferred contractor

- Top of the house contractor

- Angie's List Superior Service Award winner

- Thousands of satisfied customers

- 50 year non-prorated shingle warranties available

- Integra Roof System Storm Plus Protection

- Home Builders Association of Lansing member 

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