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Whatever your design considerations are, Brunette Home Improvement has the experience to make it happen. Yes, it’s true, we have been doing home improvement for over 30 years, and we offering everything from roof repair to window replacement. We want to work along side you to make your space to reflect you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Brunette Home Improvement Remodeling and Additions

Only a handful of your life’s moments can compare to the feeling of finally holding a key to your freshly remodeled house. Being able to enter your dream home for the first time is a moment of pure happiness, even if it’s only a kitchen remodel. Let us spread the happiness. Call our team at Brunette Home Improvement remodeling to discuss your next home renovation project.
There are many valid reasons to renovate your house. To make your home more energy-efficient, more eco-friendly, adding living space and home value. The list goes on. But as far as great options go, you can only be sure about one: 

Brunette Home Improvement Remodeling in Lansing, Michigan!

Through decades of putting their clients’ needs first, Brunette Home Improvement remodeling has grown from a two-man family operation into one of the most trusted contractors in Lansing. Serving thousands of customers in Lansing throughout the years has helped us grow into a team of experts able to deliver highest quality services in the widest range of projects, from minor remodeling to a complete overhaul of your house.

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation

Additions & Remodeling

Whether you want to build a new home, renovate your existing home, design your next work-space studio, or remodel for new energy saving solutions, your indoor-outdoor spaces are perfect for our design team and hard-working crews. We will see your project through to the end starting with the drawing and design phase, all the way down to the very last nail. Click through our portfolio to see our latest renovations.

Do You Need Emergency Home Repairs in Lansing?

Here at Brunette Home Improvement remodeling, we know what it is like to see your home damaged by snow, storm, or fire. You are feeling lost and desperate. You are not alone. If you are having an emergency, you are our team’s no. 1 priority.
No one should lose access to their loving home and we will make sure that, if this happens to you, your distress doesn’t last.
Call our Brunette Home Improvement remodeling team for your free consultation today.

Office Addition

Office Addition

What we do...

  • Room Additions

  • Kitchen Remodels

  • Bathroom Remodels

  • Whole House Renovations

  • Garage Expansions

  • Pole Barns

  • Basement Finishings

  • And More! 

What Brunette Home Improvement remodeling Can Do for You

While every potential project requires specific analysis of the situation, we have worked across Lansing and beyond to help families with their projects.
Here is what our Brunette Home Improvement Remodeling team can do for you.

Exterior Makeover Lansing Remodeling and Additions

Some houses need a facelift, while others need to be restored to protect the integrity and the historical value of the building. As a member of the Home Builders Association of Greater Lansing, Brunette Home Improvement remodeling has proved to provide highest quality services in either of the cases.

Please note that on staff we have professional designers and expert consultants ready to advise you no matter the size of the project. Our friendly team will help you plan your renovation to make your home gorgeous as well as significantly boost the value of the property.

Interior Makeover Lansing Remodeling and Additions

Once the job is done, interior projects are produce the most heart-warming results to occupants who get to enjoy the space every single day. As a bonus, they are also among the biggest house value boosters. Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, we have done it all. So, if you can dream it, we can make it.

And if you can’t dream it, our expert designers will be there to assist.


In addition to saving energy, your house must also be well-ventilated for fresh air and letting out stale air. A ‘breathing’ house will prevent bad odors and mold, as well as ensure the longevity of your roof and the lasting quality of any of your projects.


Two-Story Addition

A guest room, a home office, or an additional room for your growing family. There are many ways to use additional space. It does not have to a be a hassle. Clients often underestimate the ways that living space of their homes can be increased. 


Not surprisingly, decks are among the first additions to the house for the new owners. It’s a fast and cost-effective project offering an array of benefits.
For someone who is looking for a completely worry-less project, we have dozens of deck designs to offer you. If you already have something in mind, we will happily advise you and provide anything else you may need.

Why use Brunette Home Improvement for Your lansing Remodeling Project?

During our 30 years of business in Lansing, we've seen countless roofing contractors come and go, so it's important to choose someone who is going to be there for you in the years to come. As a long standing company, we hold some of the highest certifications anyone in the industry can. This includes being one of the very few companies to earn CertainTeed's coveted "Tenured Select Master Shingle Applicator" accreditation. Since 1904 CertainTeed has been the worlds largest manufacturer of shingles and throughout that time they have continued to set the standards in shingle quality. So, when you combine our detailed consultants, with our highly trained and certified installers, along with the industries leading products, while topped off with some of the best warranties available...all that's really left to choose is color.

In our line of business, receiving accolades is immensely humbling. We are proud to be CertainTeed's a 5-star contractor and to have received a Super Service Award from the Angie’s List. But no accolade compares to our customers' faces of joy when they see their new homes, roofs, decks and garages.We have served the families of Lansing for 31 years. The satisfaction of our customers is and has always been the driving force of our business. And it would be an honor for us to help you in your next home project.

Call Brunette Home Improvement remodeling and additions now and schedule your free consultation.

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