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Brunette Home Improvement was established in 1985 by Mark Brunette in Lansing, Michigan. With nothing more than a truck, some tools, and a lot of determination, Brunette has grown from this small one-man operation into the cornerstone company you know today. With thousands of jobs under his belt, Mark continues to grow the company with his son, John, and a team of craftsmen specializing in their respective areas of expertise.

Our personalized services as home improvement contractors in Lansing, MI are sealed with an intentional customer service approach and many awards that highlight our continued commitment to you.

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Brunette - Home Improvement Contractors Lansing, MI

Mark Brunette started doing contracting work in 1982. After experiencing ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ of the industry, he saw many ways he could make the situation better. As a result, in March 1986, he created Brunette Home Improvement, a contracting company that would not become just another bland name in the Yellow pages. (It’s 1986, remember?)

We Don’t Just Fix Roofs — We Look After Lansing

Brunette Home Improvement was created with a dream to serve Lansing. And not just for a few years, but for decades, leaving a lasting and positive impact on the well-being of local families. When Mark Brunette started doing contacting work, he vowed that the customer would always come first. ‘You’ attitude helped Brunette grow as a business, and after a few years of positive feedback, the company was already able to handle much bigger projects. 

These days, people call it customer relations. Mark Brunette has been calling it “taking care of the community” long before someone could leave a review about a business on social media.
Today, Brunette Home Improvement is no longer a one-man operation. We have grown into one of the longest-running family businesses in the area and now have the manpower and expertise to take on any commercial or residential project. 

But at its core, our company hasn’t changed. As dedicated home improvement contractors in Lansing, Mi, our mission is to serve our clients to the best of our abilities through fast and top-quality services. 

Brunette is a family name that does not believe in overnight success. We have worked hard, delivering quality work at a reasonable price each and every time. 

From project to project, home to home, and family to family.

Why Community Was Brunette Home Improvement’s Key to Long-Term Success  

We love emphasizing community in our work because it has played a vital part in Brunette’s 30+ year history. The people of Lansing, MI are helpful and kind. That’s why we always strive to give back. 

It’s more than getting up at 4 AM in February, packing up your tools and going to help a neighbor in a roof- or window-related emergency. We as home builders in Lansing, MI are committed to put our clients first with honest consultation, even if doesn’t directly benefit the company. 

Though, it is fair to estimate that every project we’ve done has benefited the company as an example of responsibility, style and attention to detail. That’s why dozens of contractors who failed to see that went out of business in the last three decades. Competition is high, and the only way to survive is to focus on the client’s needs first. 

You Need Experience and Expertise

We are proud to say that everyone at Brunette Home Improvement, from administrators to designers to the president, make us into a team capable of handling projects of any size with impeccable quality. 

What We Do: 

1. Consulting

We believe that a fair conversation with our clients is more important than any construction or repair. It is the cornerstone of any project we undertake as home builders in Lansing, MI. Whether you need advice from our roofing experts, need design ideas or want to discuss financial options, talk to our friendly design and project management team. You don’t need to commit to anything more than a friendly chat between neighbors. 

2. Roofs

Throughout the years, we have worked on small residential roofs as well as large commercial buildings. We as home builders in Lansing, Mi, have the expertise for installing a wide range of shingles. 

3. Windows and Siding

We are proud to have Soft-Lite, EnergyStar’s 2017 Most Efficient Windows and Siding manufacturer as a partner. They will provide the best windows in the market. The rest you can confidently leave to our professional team. 

4. Additions and Remodeling

Every house and, more importantly, every owner is different with their own character and preferences. That’s why, on every addition or remodeling project, we work closely with the client to come up with the best solutions for them. That’s how we have been running our business and how we plan to sustain it for decades more. 

Why at Brunette’s You get the Best

We promised you honesty, and here it is. If there is ever a case when we can’t deliver our work to the highest standards and in a timely manner, we will not waste your time. We are not only a family business. As home improvement contractors in Lansing, MI, we see the whole community as a family. Deceiving clients would be like deceiving family members.
That is NOT what we do at Brunette. On top of every roof shingle, siding and deck, we also put our integrity and reputation.