Insulation … How much is enough?

When researching insulation, you might end up scratching your head wondering what all these numbers stand for. We’re here today to clear up the confusion.

Insulation’s ability to slow down heat’s inevitable escape from your home is rated on a scale known as the R-value. The R stands for “resistance.” The higher the R value, the more insulating the material.

But what R-value do you need? You don’t want to overpay for insulation, but you also don’t want to end up overpaying on your heating and cooling bills because your insulation is inadequate. So, how much insulation is enough for your home?

Here’s an explanation of common R-values and their uses in different climates.

R-60 - The Ideal R-Value for Colder Climates

Typically about 20 inches of blown in fiberglass insulation in your attic equals an R-value of 60, which is recommended for most homes in colder climates.

R-49 - You're Still in the Comfort Zone

About 16.5 inches in your attic is equal to R-49 insulation value.

R-38 - You're on the Verge of an Upgrade

About 13 inches of older insulation is equal to an R-30 value.

R-19 - Definitely Under-Insulated

An R-19 value is approximately 5 to 11 inches deep in your attic. 


Most homes 30 years or older have approximately 6″ or less of insulation resulting in an R-Value of R-13.

Contact Brunette Home Improvement to find out how you can reach an R-60 value, which is appropriate for the climate of the Mid-Michigan area, and begin saving money.